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Have you thought about what senses are needed to solve this problem and expanded into other industries?

Have you ever thought about how people have gained knowledge and learning? In which humans gain and learn knowledge through five senses. However, all content for virtual reality, including augmented reality, is evolving only for viewing and listening are only used in the entertainment industry.


Tactile wearless glove provides users with the most similar touch


Tactile wearless glove Detect and track real-time user hand and finger movements

For education, training, medical care in Hybird economic system, we can solve your problem with our solution.









Maintenance or construction in environments or spaces inaccessible to humans in the space industry, aviation, and undersea industries, was carried out by robots by remote manipulation through operating systems that were different from human hands. For this reason, we would like to change the economic system that was once used and abandoned to cause environmental pollution or to be maintained or constructed only by highly skilled people.


Education has sustained the evolution, growth, and development of generations through human learning through five senses and learning new things. But while the aging population of advanced countries and the continuous outbreak of global diseases have rapidly disrupted the technological development and delivery systems of knowledge communities and research organizations, various industrial and educational systems are rapidly seeking and transforming, rather than concrete alternatives, they are more complacent than growing, which will also degenerate the quality of education that will continue into the next generation. Therefore, through similar touch, we want

Use Cases


We bring startups to the next level.

Training has supported the evolution, growth, and development of human beings through learning through five senses and learning new things, and aims to change the training system of each industry more diverse and faster than the existing training system of each industry through similar touch.

Health Care

We bring startups to the next level.

Health care systems around the world vary widely from country to country, and most health care systems rely only on arbitrary data to maintain a healthy life through specialized data, which is individualized by VR or AR in many cases caused by judgment errors or missing accurate timing.


We bring startups to the next level.

Due to the development of the Internet, the development of social media, and the outbreak of diseases such as Covid-19, we want to provide an environment of communication through similar touch as well as seeing and hearing in an environment where industries and communities are connected only through computers and personal terminals.

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